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The Benefits of Processing Organic Waste from Your Brewing Industry

For distillers, breweries, and wineries that are enthusiastic about protecting the environment, organic waste processing is a common practice. It is a convenient and inexpensive way of reducing the local disposal costs significantly, while enriching the soils for growth of food. Organic waste processing is a win-win situation for both city dumps and environmentalists. At Sky East UK, we offer on-site organic waste recycling services for the brewing industry. With our services, you can enjoy the following benefits.

It is more Sanitary

Spent grain is the main organic waste that is derived from breweries, distillers, and wineries. When spent grain is loosely dumped into the trash cans, it can easily attract pests like raccoons, rats, and local dogs. Furthermore, the foul odors emanating from the rotting organic residues are embarrassing and unsanitary for any brewing industry. AT Sky East UK, we can help you recycle or process these waste products to help you eliminate any unsanitary conditions.

Transforms Waste into Useful Resources

With our organic waste processing techniques, we can convert wastes into biochar known as EasyChar that can be used to enrich the soil. This allows the allows conversion of phosphorus and nitrogen and natural plant nutrients into humus. EasyChar helps to energize the soil to support future plant growth. When dumped into landfills, rotten organic matter like spent grain is quickly converted into methane gas because of the chemicals released during the decomposition process being trapped.

Methane is not a useful resource and is more potent than greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide. This is why organic wastes from breweries, distilleries, and wineries should be processed as the resulting EasyChar helps to preserve the health and structure of the soil, which is a useful resource.

At Sky East UK, we can help you evaluate your organic waste management programs and re-evaluate your recycling processes to help you remain sustainable. We utilize technology to help you recycle organic waste to produce Brewery Waste Fertilizer, while protecting the environment.

Saves Money

From a business point of view, reducing the volume of organic wastes helps to reduce pickup costs and this reduces your monthly financial responsibility. Breweries and distilleries are charged trash container use fees that can be decreased significantly with infrequent trash collection. Brewery Waste Treatment is a waste diversion technique that can help brewing businesses to lower their waste management charges.

By producing biochar from organic waste residues we can help you create useful products that landscapers, gardeners, and farmers can utilize when growing things. Biochar provides an alternative to the use of chemical fertilizers and this can immensely benefit the environment. With the increasing popularity of organically-grown food, it will be a win-win situation for everyone if organic products are turned into EasyChar. If you are looking for organic waste processing services, you can contact us at Sky East UK for the best services for your distillery, winery, or brewery.

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