Bananas for the UK and EU customers directly from farms around the globe.

Ecuador Banana Exports

Welcome to SkyEast

Sky East UK Ltd is UK based company specialising in supply bananas for all sectors – wholesalers, retailers, food service companies and other businesses located in the UK and EU.

We are in strategical partnership with the US based company Abiola International Corp (

Thanks to Abiola’s extensive range of farmers and markets diversity Sky East UK can always offer high quality fruits by affordable prices.

We are happy to supply the fruits on contract or spot basis, shipped to any UK or EU ports or from our warehouse in Netherlands. Please contact us for further details.

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Brands and terms

We trade range of brands to fulfil different customers’ needs.

Our brands
Abiola Fruits
Abiola Fruits
Green Line
Green Line
Mi Solcito
Mi Solcito

GGAP, RFA certified fruits are available.

Terms of delivery

FOB, CFR, T1 Rotterdam



  • Nowadays is the fastest growing banana exporting country in the World.
  • It represents over 10% of world banana export by value - $1.47 billion in 2018*.
  • All our farms in Guatemala are RFA and GGAP certified.
  • Guatemala along with Ecuador is the country where we maintain the strongest position.
  • Transit time to European ports are 17-21 days.

*Based on information presented at

Costa Rica

  • Well known origin all around the Globe. Costa Rica is in top 5 biggest banana exporting countries with exporting value in 2018 exceeds $1 billion*.
  • We cooperate with range of RFA, GGAP certified farms in Costa Rica
  • Transit time to European ports are 12-16 days.

*Based on information presented at


  • The world leader in banana export. This country represents over 23% by value of total world banana export*.
  • Abiola operates an Ecuadorian based exporting company to control costs, quality and supply chain of the fruits.
  • Transit time to European ports are 14-21 days.

*Based on information presented at


  • The most recent origin in our geography. Another well-known origin in EU and UK. It makes over 6% of world export*. We see strategical importance of developing cooperation with Colombia based farmers and intend to grow our business here.
  • Transit time to European ports are 14-18 days.

*Based on information presented at

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